Prekių krepšelis tuščias


Our goal - to produce high-quality, environmentally friendly, fully-fledged fertilizer from organic matter,

which, Lithuanian farmers bring richer harvest complement soil organic matter and would not degrade our land.

We produce and sell these products.

Organic organic fertilizers

EKOefektas 4,2-2,0-6,4 NPK with microelements

Processed animal protein 80% (mixture) NPK 9,2 to ,.5 / 4,1 to 4,8 / 0,7 to 1,3 with trace elements

Organic - mineral fertilizers

SUPERefektas 8,2-8,1-6,7 NPK with microelements

Synergy effect of NPK with microelements 5,1-14,3-6,9

Effect of NPK universal 7,3-7,7-7,5 with trace elements

Vegetable compost (soil improvement).

We work closely with organic farms and try to trade their produce is grown.

Jerusalem artichoke tubers, hemp seeds, shelled hemp nuclei, hemp oil, hemp leaf teas.